iPad T.V. Stand looks hilarious, but it works


ipad-tv-standThe iPad is an infinitely useful product to carry around with you, especially when you need some sort of computing power on the move, without requiring the bulk of a notebook, and yet want a display and capabilities that are far more than what a smartphone is able to offer. The generous display is one example, for instance, and many people I know do stock up their iPads with movies whenever they are about to jet off on a long haul flight, as you can never quite tell just what the quality of inflight movie selections are like. Having said that, holding your iPad up throughout the entire duration of the movie can prove to be rather tiring to your hands, and this is where iPad stands come in handy. The $29.99 iPad T.V. Stand certainly makes a bold statement for sure.

It will turn back the clock, making your iPad look as though it is an actual TV in a cartoon-like world – making me wonder whether the world of Roger Rabbit is somewhat like that. Sporting a beautiful modern design that comes completely in cardboard, you are able to piece it together – which is a whole lot easier compared to working on that IKEA TV cabinet, that is for sure, and there are even fake channel knobs for your little ones to play with! The laser-cut precision of the cardboard’s fit enables it to deliver to the Home button, FaceTime camera, USB connector, headphone jack and volume control!

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