Hunting Trophy Door Lights bridge the gap between the old and the new


hunting-trophy-door-lightsHaving a night light can be quite cool – in fact, it is essential in most homes where you would want some sort of soothing lighting fixture in the area, and yet do not wish to have something so bright, that it shines like a lighthouse in pitch black darkness. Having said that, you might want to kill two birds with a single stone using the £14.99 Hunting Trophy Door Lights. The name of this unique lighting fixture gives the game away right from the get go, where you can choose from Buffalo, Deer and Elephant designs.

Regardless of which particular “breed” that you choose from, the Hunting Trophy Door Lights.will sport an internal motion sensor that will help to light up these beasts whenever they are stirred from their seemingly eternal slumber. You will be able to hang your house keys, coats and umbrellas on their horns, and just to make sure that your brand new home does not end up too scarred, you can also opt to choose between magnetic and screw mounting options. This is definitely a stylish and yet humane alternative compared actual taxidermy, now how about that?

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