Power-Up Heart Pint Glass 4-Pack lets the world know you need a refill


power-up-pint-glassWhen it comes to kicking your feet back and winding down after a particularly difficult day at the office, what better way is there than to hold your favorite brew in your hand? Drinking beer from an ice cold pint glass is one of the best experiences ever in life, so why not make sure you go all out with the $19.99 Power-Up Heart Pint Glass 4-Pack? As the name of this pint glass pack conveys, it will arrive in a package of four drinking glasses, and all of them will be able to let you know how much “power” you have left – ala video game style, pixelized hearts and all.

The hearts will remain empty when the glass is empty – however, when you fill them up with beverages (beer or some ale preferably), then you will find that this ThinkGeek creation and exclusive will see its three 8-bit hearts located on the side change color to a deep red, according to the level of the drink poured inside. Fill it up to the brim, and you’re maxed out where your life is concerned. It is definitely a novel way to inform the bartender to “fill ‘er up” as you paint the town red.

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