The Livescribe Moleskin Notebook and smartpen combo will make your hard copy notes digital


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There’s something comforting about having a hard copy of your notes. The feel of the pen in your hand gliding across a blank sheet of paper, and seeing your own handwriting rather than a specific typeface has a certain feeling of security to it (and it’s almost impossible to accidentally delete something). Of course, most of our lives have gone digital and we have to choose between writing down notes and later typing them out, or just typing them so we don’t have to make the transfer.

If you wish you could take notes the old fashioned way, but don’t want to take double the amount of time to write them out, then the Livescribe Moleskin notebook and Livescribe smartpen pairing might be something to look into. The notebook has microdots which make it possible for the smartpen to understand where at and on which page you’re writing on. There are bookmarks in the back pocket of the notebook that will give you a list of commands for the Livescribe smartpen. Each page of the notebook has “buttons” in the bottom corners.

You’ll have to use both of these items in tandem with an app to make sure that it captures all of your notes and doodles. There is a #1 and #2 notebook available from Moleskin, but you’ll want to make sure you’re not using two of the same number, as the smartpen won’t be able to tell the difference. You really do have to have the whole kit and kaboodle for this to work, and seeing that the notebook costs $29.95 and the newest version of the LiveScribe pen costs $149.99, you’ll be looking at a substantial amount of moolah. In reference to time-saving gadgets and gizmos, you have to weigh the time it will save you against the amount of time it will take to work and make the money to purchase the item.

Available for purchase on Amazon and Moleskin

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