More Than Just A Banana Piano shows how one can rock out with fruit


banana-pianoSo, your little one has been hankering after you for the longest time to actually buy a piano so that he or she will be able to compose the next Grammy winning song, and with you as his or her manager, you will end up not having to slog at whatever job you’re at right now. Sure, a real good piano is not going to come cheap even if it is on sale, but this does not mean that you are unable to fulfill your little one’s wish and deepest desire. You, being an oddball yourself, have always taken the route less traveled, which is why you have set your eyes on the $49.95 More Than Just A Banana Piano.

While the More Than Just A Banana Piano is not going to be able to churn out melodious tunes that would send a listening crowd to stand up and deliver a rapturous applause, it will be able to belt out some decent tunes. In fact, the More Than Just A Banana Piano was designed by former MIT students, targeting young inventors and adult tinkerers where the device itself will replace 11 computer keyboard keys and seven mouse actions, and this is achieved thanks to a set of alligator clip cables and a microcontroller-powered circuit board. Squeezing a connected banana will let you play a note on a computer’s piano, and tapping on a drawn picture of up, down, left, and right arrows ought to let one play majority of the online games. As long as the object is able to conduct some electricity, it will work, so go bananas with this!

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