Reconnaissance Robot scouts the land ahead of you


recon-robotWe might not be living in the age where the Jetsons fly around instead of driving, and they also have a robot nanny to help out in the house chores. Still, this does not mean that there are no advancements to be made in the field of robotics, and with the $79.95 Reconnaissance Robot, you can be sure that it will function as a decent introduction to the world of robotics not only for you, but for the entire family as well.

The Reconnaissance Robot is one programmable robot which is capable of moving about to participate in stealth missions, and it can also record and play audio thanks to its integrated equipment. Having picked up top honors from Parents magazine and Dr. Toy, among others, this is a unique “spy on wheels” which can also be programmed in order for it to make up to 50 different kinds of moves, where among them will include flashing its lights to have it move in any direction. Children also have the choice of recording a customized announcement such as “Stay out of my room!”, letting the Reconnaissance Robot broadcast it loud and clear whenever it patrols a particular area.

The Reconnaissance Robot will get around on its pair of rugged caterpillar tracks, where it will be equipped with an adjustable neck, a rotating face, five pre-recorded sound effects to help you get started right out of the box, and a rear cargo hold for transporting snacks. Prior to programming it, children can opt to map out each mission step-by-step with the help of the included workbook. It will be powered by a trio of C batteries, so you might want to pick up a set of rechargeable batteries to maximize its use in the long run. The Reconnaissance Robot is far better than any kind of discreet spy camera, don’t you think so?

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