Arcade Belt Buckle rolls back the years


arcade-belt-buckleHow many of you still yearn for the carefree days when school ends, and you forget everything there is to know about homework, as you throw your bag down on the floor the moment you burst through the doors of your local dingy looking arcade? Yes ,the lighting might be poor, and your parents would probably not agree to you feeding those electronic cabinets quarter after quarter, but there was some sort of arcane attraction that you cannot explain. Why not turn back time with the $42 Arcade Belt Buckle?

This is no ordinary Arcade Belt Buckle, and while it has been parted with its original cabinet many, many moons ago, you will be pleased that the Arcade Belt Buckle will light up its “25 cents” message, just as though it was never parted from the original arcade cabinet in the first place. Sure, the Arcade Belt Buckle might not emit any kind of clinking coin sounds – or make any noise whatsoever unlike the Batman Belt Buckle, but it boasts of an unprecedented level of coolness.

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