Adesso iMouse G1 illuminated desktop mouse lets you work in the dark without a hitch


adesso-illuminated-mouseWhen it comes to the normal keyboard and mouse combination, those of us who slog it out at the office normally do not have any special preference, although it would be nice if the higher ups have the heart to purchase one of those ergonomically designed keyboards and mice to help us in our daily typing tasks. Having said that, for those who happen to work late into the night, whether at home or at the office, you might want a mouse that can be easily spotted – so why not go along with the stylish Adesso iMouse G1 illuminated desktop mouse?

The Adesso iMouse G1 illuminated desktop mouse will feature a blue light which will deliver beauty, clarity, and efficiency straight to the desktop itself. You will find an elegant and soft blue glow mark not only the front, but also at the sides of the mouse, which makes it extremely easy to use even in low light or dark conditions. Apart from that, there is just something about a soothing glow of a blue light that automatically “cools” down the entire situation.

Apart from that, the Adesso iMouse G1 will also sport a stylish shape that was specially designed in order for it to match the user’s hand, delivering maximum comfort along the way. A single click of a button would let the user switch between 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400 DPI resolution, where one would then be able to enjoy extra control in terms of mouse precision, which would also make it ideal when it comes to taking a break and indulging in a little bit of gaming on the side.

As for the optical sensor technology that is in use, it will help keep the mouse precisely on point, which ought to make it handy on most glass, wood, marble, and leather surfaces without having to tote around an additional mouse pad, now how about that? What makes the Adesso iMouse G1 all the more appealing would be its recommended retail price of just $9.99, bringing it within reach of just about everyone.

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