The BlueLounge Soba will organize your cable clutter


BlueLounge Soba

If you work on a computer and just love having accessories, then you know how delightfully annoying cable management can be. The clutter can make you go crazy if it goes unchecked. We have looked at a huge variety of ways to organize and categorize your cables, but it all comes down to personal preference. What one person likes may not work for the next, as the area your office is set up in will drastically change your needs.

If you’d prefer to have the least amount of visual mess as possible, then you might enjoy using the BlueLounge Soba cable organizer. This is a casing that will zip your cables up into a mesh tube. It uses a Vortex zipper which will open the tube and let you route the cables to their proper destination. Once you have everything snugly in place, there are adhesive clips that you can add on so that you can place the cable where you want it.

This will mean no wires or cables flying freely about, and makes for a clean work space. There are options for white or black, and each $24.95 you put in will get you 10 feet of Vortex tube, 2 end caps, 3 mounting caps, 1 Y-split, 1 Vortex zipper tool, and 5 rubber bands. This purchase would be purely for aesthetics, since it’s only clumping together cables in a fancier way than using a cheaper, more widely accessible option. If you don’t have the money to spend on something this frivolous but hate seeing wires, you could always put it on your holiday wishlist seeing that we’re only a few months out.

Available for purchase on BlueLounge, found via Werd

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