The Leggage laptop case is a must-have for frequent flyers


The Leggage

If you’ve ever had to do a lot of traveling by plane, you know how hard it can be on your body. You’re confined to a small, uncomfortable seat sitting in a germ box thousands of feet above the ground. In some cases, there is literally nothing for you to do if you didn’t come prepared with a book or music player. It’s very easy to become uncomfortable and cranky in seemingly no time at all.

For those that do fly frequently, the danger of blood clots and issues that come with poor blood circulation are very real. If you’d prefer to be overly cautious when you have to hop from place to place on a plane, then you’ll want ways to make your travels easier and more relaxing. One way of doing just that is getting the Leggage Laptop Case. This is a polycarbonate case which will give you up to 22 different uses for your feet. It can be a foot rest, or massage your feet in a variety of ways. Of course, the massage is powered by you, but it will still be a welcome distraction from what is usually a very boring flight.

Seeing that this was made for travelers, it has a removable and adjustable strap, a dedicated pocket for chargers and the power cord for your laptop, and a “quick access” pocket that will slide over your rolling luggage handle. Even if you don’t want to use this for flying, it would be nice to have a foot rest and massage laptop case. Of course, the matter of price will always come into play, and in this case you’d be looking at spending $79.99.

Available for purchase on Leggage, found via damngeeky

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