Light And Horn Hockey Net settles any potential disputes


light-horn-hockeyBeing a referee or umpire in any game does prove to be quite a challenge for some – especially when you take into consideration how high the stakes can get in certain derbies. You might even think to yourself that you’re not getting paid enough to do what you’re doing. However, refereeing a hockey match at home is no less stressful, and as a responsible adult who is overseeing the match between your children and those in the neighborhood, you might want to enlist a little bit of technological help to let you know whether a goal has been scored or not. Enter the $69.95 Light And Horn Hockey Net that will help save you from potentially difficult situations.

The Light And Horn Hockey Net happens to be a mini hockey net that will sport a built-in goal light as well as horn that will automatically activate whenever there is a top-shelf or five-hole snipe. The goal light itself will be connected to the crossbar and its sensor activates the red light and fog-horn whenever a puck crosses the goal line. This would enable the young and budding players to celebrate lighting the lamp alongside authentic NHL sounds for that added touch of realism. The stick is height-adjustable, and it allows quick wristers from the slot or heavy clappers from the point. Perhaps using this with the Light Up Air Powered Soccer Disk might be an interesting combination to boot.

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