Wireless Eye Massager with Soothing Sounds hopes to melt the day’s stress away


wireless-eye-massagerLike it or not, plenty of today’s work and jobs will involve staring at a computer screen for long periods of time, so much so that one might actually suffer from eye fatigue at the end of the day. It does not help either for us to own a slew of portable devices that have tiny screens on them (although advances have been made to make those displays larger in size), which adds to the overall “work” that our eyes need to go through each day. Hence, an eye massager would come in handy, but this $129.99 Wireless Eye Massager with Soothing Sounds certainly adds another dimension by not requiring you to remain tethered via a cable or wire.

As its name suggests, the Wireless Eye Massager with Soothing Sounds will ensure that it merges both intelligent air pressure alongside vibration massage, point massage and gentle infrared heat so that it can soothe away stress, strain and aches. All that you need to do is to slip it on after a hard day’s work, and it will be able to rub, press, warm up and massage your entire ocular region in order to rejuvenate tired eyes. Heck, there are even integrated speakers and pre-recorded nature sounds which will help you relax. The special 180 degree foldable design would pave the way for a great fit and easy storage when you travel. The built-in speakers will deliver soothing sounds such as a repeating cycle of falling water, ocean waves, forest crickets and droplets.

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