The Slime 70005 Seven-Minute Flat Tire Repair System – Safety in a Can?


51LZ1NMaZgL The most important innovations to me, are the ones that might have the ability to keep our families safe. I worry about that the most, when it comes to driving a car. Too many things can, and do, go wrong out on the road. I shudder when I see families standing on the side of the highway, stranded because of something as simple as a flat tire, or because they have simply run out of gas. I’ve already told you about Magic Tank, a non flammable fuel substitute you can carry in your trunk, now check this out…

The Slime Safety Spair is a tire repair device that is easily stowed in your trunk and can instantly seal, and re-inflate your flat tire in minutes. Slime Safety Spair Flat Tire Repair System is features a 12 V built in compressor which goes to work with just the push of a big green button and it forces air through the replaceable sealant cartridge sending the tire sealing slime and ever important air, into your ailing tire. This repair system is quick and easy, and it gets you, or your loved ones up and off the road.

The Slime Safety Spair will actually seal punctures up to a quarter inch and, it is pressure sensor friendly. Equipped with a safety light for night time use, the Safety Spair 70005 gives you the ability to inflate a tire up to 40 pounds per square inch after you seal it, as opposed to the measly 18 psi from a can of Flat Fix. The Safety Spair can also be used to inflate a slow leak, or even a sports ball, without using the sealant. If you’d like the Slime Repair System on board for your next road trip, you can get one for under 50 bucks from, with the sports ball and other adaptors sold separately.

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