littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit helps you make music in a fun manner


littlebits_korg_diy_synth_kitAre you a huge music lover and have the creativity of mind to come up with your very own compositions? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested in picking up the $159.99 littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit. With the littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit, you are able to connect modules together in order to create your very own analog synthesizer. Not only is it extremely fast to make thanks to the magnets that keep all of the various modules in place, it is also a snap to take apart, letting you come up with a slew of fun instruments along the way.

The littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit can be said to be a toy as well as an instrument at the same time, and similar in nature to the rest of the littleBits products, you will end up with a slew of different modules which will hook together with magnets, and in turn are able to be hooked up to other littleBits modules as well. There happens to be a Keyboard Module, a Micro Sequencer Module, a pair of Oscillator Modules, and a bunch of other modules which can be attached in the order of your choice. Not only that, a booklet that tells you what each module does would go some ways in helping you come up with the ultimate combination.

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