The Death Watch will make sure you keep things in perspective


Death Watch

How the universe as we know it came into existence is a hotly debated topic. One truth that we know for sure, is that we’re all going to die one day. Well, we know our bodies will stop functioning and will slowly return to being part of the Earth. The theories on what happens after that are varied and sometimes insane. However, we know when we’re close to dying that we often stop paying so much attention to the pettier aspects of life, and what really matters comes into focus in a big way. We’ll say things we’ve always wanted to say but didn’t think we could, take more risks, and try to see more of the world.

If you wish you could have that kind of perspective all the time, then why not wear a constant reminder that nothing is permanent? The Death Watch uses your geographic location, age, and some other health and lifestyle questions to calculate your approximate time of death. It counts down everything from years to seconds. Of course, it also tells the local time, otherwise it would be sort of silly and somewhat depressing to wear a death counter watch.

This has a silicone strap, and is available in either black or white. It will cost you around $81 should you be interested in having your ego constantly in check. Some may view this as a bit morbid, but really it’s the best way to make yourself realize that the actions you make in this life should be the ones you would make on your deathbed. Creepy, but awesome.

Available for purchase on Firebox

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