The Zenytime Puck is a gaming accessory that will improve your health


Zenytime Puck

There are a few things we do daily that we don’t really think about. We’re always going to breathe, blink, and think, no matter how hard we try not to. Of course, when it comes to taking in air, you don’t think about how much or in what manner you do it. There are a myriad of studies that show conscious breathing and using different techniques can do great things for your body, but it’s hard to make yourself remember to do it.

Not too long ago we looked at a concept device called the Calming Stone for those who are sometimes struck with panic attacks. The Zenytime Puck has a similar idea as it has an element of coaching you through breathing exercises, but is meant simply for those who want to better their lives through breath control. This Puck is an accessory for the Zenytime smartphone app that will be able to monitor your breathing activity.

Not only can it check your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, but it will be your controller to navigate through the free app which will provide you with games that will make breathing fun. It does seem a bit strange to buy something just to help you breathe more, since you’re already going to be doing that anyway, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Sometimes you just need a little help taking the first few steps to integrating deep breathing exercises into your everyday life. This can be pre-ordered right now for $79, and will retail for $99.

Available for purchase on Zenytime, found via Redferret

If you want to try a breathing exercise that is great for calming down, try taking 12 breaths that completely fill your lungs. Hold each breath for four seconds before you release. You’ll think you’re being silly about halfway through, but once you hit 10 or 11 you’ll start to feel a calming wave take over.

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