The Fake Seatbelt Tee – for Living Life Dangerously?



Here in New York we are all too familiar with seatbelt laws. Surprisingly, it wasn’t until around 1968 that all new cars were actually required to have seat belts installed in them, and NY was the first state in the U.S. to pass a law requiring people to wear them. Yup, things changed in 1984, before that, everyone knew that wearing a seatbelt was the smart thing to do, but since then, you knew you had to. Most safety experts seem to agree that buckling up dramatically increases your chances of surviving an accident, supposedly they reduce the risk of death for a front seat passenger by almost 50 percent.

But what if you want to live on the edge? Fly by the seat of your pants and thumb your nose at law enforcement officials as you cheat death on the open road? Check out the Fake Seatbelt T-shirt. This men’s graphic T-Shirt is made out of 100% softened polyester, and depicts a simple seatbelt being fastened over the wearer. Imagine your glee as you cruise the streets with utter disregard for your safety, whilst the worry of pesky tickets are left in the dust behind you.

Sure, you know it’s probably not a good idea, but the shirt makes a great gag gift for you, or someone you know that groans about having to buckle up all the time. You can get yours at for around 34 bucks. The shirts come in S,M,L,XL and XXL (for $3 more) No word yet as to whether they will be coming out with a passenger Seatbelt T-shirt, not that anyone should be driving with you in the first place.

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