Star Wars Imperial Chronometers – go all Vader on your time!


star_wars_imperial_chronThe Star Wars franchise has certainly seen its fair share of releases in the past that will definitely keep you wondering just when will George Lucas get tired of milking this particular franchise for all that is worth. Today, we have something else that deals with time – where the richest and poorest man in the whole world have an equal amount of each day, 24 hours – no more, no less. If you already own a Star Wars alarm clock of sorts, and would like to bring some Star Wars love with you on your wrist, then the $129.99 Star Wars Imperial Chronometers would certainly make plenty of sense.

With a couple of iconic Star Wars watches that will help you tell the time, you might be coaxed to be punctual from now on thanks to Vader’s design that sports plenty of red details, or if you happen to have an aim in life but somehow never really managed to hit the target, then the Stormtrooper model with white details would definitely come in handy. After all, the Imperial army did not manage to rise to its position of power without making sure that everything else ran like clockwork, could they? The Star Wars Imperial Chronometers are officially licensed Star Wars timepieces, where the multiple dials depict day, date, and time, and it sports Japanese movement instead of something from the planet Naboo.

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