Memory Expanding iPhone 5 dock provides a quick boost


memory-expanding-iphone5-dockWhere iPhone docks are concerned, there has been a fair number of releases in the past which are way too many to mention – or point out, for that matter. Having said that, here is something which would come in pretty handy, especially after you have already maximized the amount of storage space on your iPhone. I am referring to the $129.95 Memory Expanding iPhone 5 dock, which is a unique dock for both the iPhone 5 and 5s, as it delivers supplemental data storage and file backups – all the while performing its task of recharges a power depleted device, too.

It will be different compared to the slow cloud-based file storage which would require an Internet connection in order to work, since this unique Memory Expanding iPhone 5 dock would utilize ultra-fast flash memory which can be accessed through an integrated lightning connector. It does not matter if you’re into videos or music – either one can be saved and opened with but a simple drag-and-drop action. This dock is compact enough to slip into a briefcase or purse easily, making it handy whenever you travel.

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