Secret Agent Alarm Clock helps you wake up with a mission


secret-agent-alarm-clockWithout vision, people will perish, or so the good book says. Having said that, those of us who actually wake up without any kind of hope at all might wish that we could drift away into an eternal sleep, so that the cares and concern of the world will be able to simply pass over without bothering us any longer. If you have a mission in life, however, it works great in your favor regardless of the day’s tasks that are ahead, as you would then gain a passion to wake up and tackle whatever is on your plate. To make sure that you get into the right frame of mind, how about picking up the £17.99 Secret Agent Alarm Clock?

This is no ordinary alarm clock, just like the Star Trek Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock, you will be able to play the role of being a super spy. Of course, you might not be as famous as that super spy whom everyone knows his name already, in addition to his preferred alcoholic drink, but at least it puts a spring in your step. The Secret Agent Alarm Clock will allow you to line up your shot with this pistol shaped clock, where you can then aim and fire to project the time onto any surface. This timepiece features a time function, an LED projector and a snooze button, where you can keep it holstered underneath your pillow in order to vibrate so that you can wake up each morning – jumping rather than dragging yourself out of bed.

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