StretchWrite is an accessory for the old school way of writing


stretchwriteI know that we type a whole lot more than we actually write these days, which is extremely convenient to say the least, but this does not mean that one ought to abolish writing from the school curriculum at all. No sir, if that were to be the case, companies like Mont Blanc might find it difficult to actually sell their highly exclusive pens to the rich and famous. Apart from that, there is a certain flair when it comes to handwriting, which is so much more than regular typefaces that we see grace our computer screens, tablets, and smartphones each day. There is emotion to it, and since we humans are “feeling” creatures, one might want to check out the StretchWrite from Felix.

The StretchWrite happens to be one interesting grip that will introduce a comfortable soft-feel to your favorite pen or pencil, all the while adding another capability that would make it highly relevant in this day and age – that is, it is now a high grade stylus. StretchWrite boasts of a patent pending design that delivers a thin, hollow point stylus tip that offers an enhanced digital experience as the silicone grip would bring with it added comfort to your writing instrument.

As for the StretchWrite, it is flexible enough to fit over majority of the writing instruments out there, and it will also play nice with all touch sensitive screens that are in the market. All that you need to do is to pull the grip over a pen or pencil, insert the writing tip though the hole on the top end of the StretchWrite, and you are good to go. All orders for the StretchWrite will be accompanied by a pair of StretchWrites in two different colors; namely red/gray or blue/pink, and it will cost $9.99 per pack.

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