The T 4 2 Headphone Splitter – everybody wins


T 4 2 Headphone Splitter

If you like sharing tunes with friends, there are many different headphone splitters out there that will allow you to let a bud plug their headphones in in addition to yours. Neither of you lose an ear bud in the experience, and get to take in the full effect of the music. Of course, the only problem is figuring out who has the responsibility of buying one of these things, and having to carry it around during the time it’s not being used.

If you think your friends would be likely to lose it anyway, then why not get a splitter that has more than one use? The T 4 2 is literally a T-shape that will give two people the gift of music in the round. What sets it apart from all the other splitters out there is that it has a rubber nub that will act as a stylus. The nub is essentially a cover for the plug that will fit into a 3.5mm jack. Once it’s not in use for sharing entertainment, it can go back to working for you and only you.

Seeing that this only costs around $12, it’s not a bad buy when compared with all of the other pricey styluses out there. Of course, this is somewhat small, so if you happen to have large, meaty hands, this may not be the one for you. Otherwise, this is a great way for the friend who is always prepared for any situation to have a gizmo that others will use, while making sure they’re not just buying it to appease everyone else.

Available for purchase on red5


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