The Octo-Splitter is for social butterflies



Music is a big part of our lives, and we love sharing things with friends. It only makes sense that we would have our friends listen in on old favorites or some awesome new bands we found, but we often come across the problem of only having one headphone jack, but needing two pairs of headphones to get the full effect.

While a headphone splitter is nice to have on hand, you would think you would only need to go as far as making accommodations for two. Of course, there are those who are quite the social butterfly, and will probably need space for more friends to be able to hear. If you happen to be one of these people, then the Octo Splitter would be perfect for listening to videos, tunes, or watching movies in groups when you don’t want the outside world to be able to hear at the same time. This is quite a stretch for a tune-sharing as it has enough space for 7 sets of earphones.

This little octopus splitter may be cute, but it would be a rather useless trinket to carry around in your bag for just-in-case situations where you would need to split headphones with 6 other people. If you often find yourself in study groups at a library, then this would be very helpful to have around, assuming that you don’t mind being the one that lays down money for it. There isn’t a price up for it just yet, but I can’t imagine something like this would cost an arm and a leg.

More information on thumbsupworld, found via redferret


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James Martindale Says: August 19, 2014 at 6:45 pm

I don’t know, looks too bulky to keep in a backpack to me.

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