Messless Indoor Sandbox makes cleaning up easier


messless-sandboxChildren do seem to have a boundless amount of energy, and they can certainly spend the entire day toying around without missing a beat, only to plop into their beds dead tired at the end of the evening, much to the relief of his or her parents. There are moments when certain joys of childhood should be remembered always, and one of them might be playing in a sandbox – at least for some of us. However, how many parents are able to carve out the time to fight their way through some traffic just to locate a playground with a sandbox? Why not bring the sandbox back to your home instead? That is made possible thanks to the $79.95 Messless Indoor Sandbox.

The Messless Indoor Sandbox, as its name implies, is an indoor sandbox that uses a natural “sand” compound which adheres to itself without having to remain stuck to tabletops, floors, or hands. If you’re worried about whether it is full of strange chemicals, fret not, as it is made from all-natural ingredients, allowing it to pack like sand with the feel of cookie dough, so that children are able to create structures or objects without having to cook up the mess that is more often than not associated with sand. Apart from that, you need not have to leave your home, which is a great timesaver, and you can also keep your eyes on your little one all the time while you handle some other house chores. Surely this is less pathetic than the desktop sandbox!

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