ROCCAT Skeltr integrated smartphone and keyboard combo


roccat-skeltrIt was just yesterday that we took a look at one of ROCCAT’s latest releases, and that particular model came in the form of the ROCCAT Nyth MMO gaming mouse. Well, it seems that the folks over at ROCCAT are not quite done with yet another piece of gaming hardware for the masses, where this time around, it would not be something as straightforward as an ordinary gaming mouse, but rather, we are talking about the ROCCAT Skeltr integrated smartphone and keyboard combo.

I am quite sure that this will be the first time for many of our dear readers to see the ROCCAT Skeltr, since it is truly a first of its kind device, and holds true for us as well. This ROCCAT-invented, fully integrated smartphone and keyboard combo will be able to bring together social interaction as well as gaming into what ROCCAT deemds as “perfect balance”.

ROCCAT claims that life goes on even as you indulge in your favorite gaming title for a particular session, and more often than not you might come into distractions such as incoming phone calls as well as instant messages flooding your handset as the rest of the world makes an attempt to get into contact with you. This is where the ROCCAT Skeltr comes in then, being the answer to a world where gaming and interaction cross paths with one another, while you make use of a second-screen as part of a tool in the game arsenal.

The feedback-built Skeltr is a Bluetooth compatible device, where it opens the door for smooth visualization of vital PC data to your smart device. It will enable gamers to enjoy their handsets as a highly interactive compliment to the game that one is currently playing, not to mention you get to use your keyboard for easier and faster communication compared to a virtual keyboard on a smartphone.

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Don Mahaffey Weaver II Says: August 11, 2014 at 7:56 am

Would prefer larger screened devices. Period.

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