The KeySmart 2.0 will take the jingle out of your keychain


KeySmart 2.0

Whether or not we mean to, we collect enough keys over time that others would think we’re a custodian. Really it’s just a configuration of old keys, new keys, and a few that we don’t remember what they open. Getting rid of them would make sense, but should you happen to come across the reason you kept that key around, you’re going to be in a tight spot awfully quick.

If you don’t want to get rid of your excess of keys, but want to make it easier on yourself to find the ones you use the most often, then you might like having the KeySmart 2.0 around. This is a Swiss Army Knife-like contraption that will take regular keys and make them easily accessible. There are two face plates on the exterior that you unscrew, place the posts in the top holes of your key, and screw that plates back on. The base model can hold up to 4 keys, or a USB and two keys.

If you need more keys on you than that, there are options to get extenders. Should you prefer to keep this on a keychain, there is a loop ring that will take up the space of one key. The extenders can fit as many as 50 keys. This will cost you around $20-100 depending on what additions you want. You can choose the color of the exterior plates to be blue, black, red, green, purple, orange, slate, or titanium. Keep in mind that your plastic car key will not fit in between the plates, but can be attached to the loop ring.

Available for purchase getkeysmart, found via redferret


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