The Autonomous Robotic Gutter Cleaner gets the job done, hassle free


autonomous-robotic-gutter-cleanerOwning a piece of landed property is fine and dandy, and more often than not, preferable to living in the sky in the form of a condominium or a luxury apartment. Having said that, at least you pay maintenance fees to a condominium’s management so that they keep the general areas clean and nice. A house, however, would require you to perform inspections yourself as to whether places need cleaning or not. If you have a huge roof with a long gutter, then it might be prudent to check out the $299.95 Autonomous Robotic Gutter Cleaner so that it can get the job done without requiring you to risk your neck.

The Autonomous Robotic Gutter Cleaner, taking after its predecessor, is touted to be the only robot of its kind that is capable of removing the likes of leaves, small branches, and dirt from gutters, all by itself. Thanks to iRobot, the company behind tactical reconnaissance robots for the U.S. military, the Autonomous Robotic Gutter Cleaner will sport advanced sensors which are capable of detecting and adapting to lying debris all round, capable of cleaning a 30′ gutter section in a matter of just five minutes.

It will get the dirty job done by rotating its powerful auger at 500 rpm so that clogs will stand no chance at all, while durable twin rubber ejector paddles will lift and throw detritus up and out. A pair of polypropylene brushes complete the process as it wipes the gutter clean, and should it meet a stubborn section, it will go at it at an unprecedented level of perseverance. A rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery delivers an hour of operation, although it will require a 15-hour charge to get it going. Not only that, it is accompanied by a remote control that will require a pair of AAA batteries so that there is adequate juice to issue the relevant commands from afar. Works great across all standard 3″ wide K-style gutters.

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