Roast marshmallows while you relax in the Wood Burning Hot Tub


Wood Burning Hot TUb

If you are a fan of taking long hot baths, then the idea of having a hot tub you can actually stretch out in is likely something you would not be adverse to. Of course, purchasing, installing, and setting up one of them is normally a pain. You need a water line, drain, it takes up electricity, and monitoring chemicals. If you’d prefer a more hands-off option, then why not get something that only needs water from your garden hose?

The ALFI Wood Burning Hot Tub is is a portable Fiberglass tub that uses heat from a fire to warm the tub of water, and doesn’t need much maintenance. Fill it up with whatever water you have available, light up the pit, and wait until the water is warm enough. Water is pushed through the metal coils surrounding the wire basket holding your firewood, and there’s a stainless steel windscreen that you can affix to keep yourself separate from the flames.

There’s a clear cover with two chrome handles that you can put over top of the tub to help it warm faster, or make it into a table. You won’t need to worry about drains, as you’ll just empty it after the water is less than desirable. However, you’ll want to make sure you clean it out fairly well after you make a big tub of human soup. This will cost you around $3,800 or more, and will be wonderfully fun to ship I’m sure as it weighs over 300 pounds. Don’t let the photos fool you, as it may be able to hold 200 gallons, but is likely just big enough to be comfortable for a couple of kids or one adult.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via thisiswhyimbroke


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