The Mitticool is a no-tech refrigerator that is simple, yet effective



There are refrigerators out now that have screens which will let you watch TV, tweet, and all sorts of useful Internet-connected applications. It’s primary function though, is to keep your food fresh. While we always try to keep practicality in mind, it’s hard to not be suckered in by fancy features. If you tend to go through food fairly quickly, and wish you didn’t have to run a giant fridge, then you might like using some of the old-fashioned methods of keeping things cool.

Using clay to keep food and drink chilled has been a tried and true method for a long time. The MittiCool is using this material to make a mini fridge that can store fruits, veggies, milk, and more for up to a week. You don’t need to plug anything in, just pour water into the top tank, and it will soak into the porous clay, cooling the interior up to 8 degrees Celsius in the process. In addition to acting as the coolant for this mini fridge, there’s also a tap on the top tank so you can get a glass of water that will be below room temperature.

This is an ingenious idea that will only cost you anywhere from $40-60. It won’t need any electricity, but you will have to remember to put water in the top. This would help to keep the natural flavors in your food, and is far cheaper than a conventional refrigerator.

More information at mitticool, found via redferret


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