The Mega Hammock will let you and your friends relax without the awkwardness


Mega Hammock

The nice thing about sitting in a hammock is having your entire body being supported. Aside from floating in water, it’s the easiest way to feel weightless. It’s definitely the best place for a nap when it’s warm and breezy out. However, they’re not generally made for more than one or two people. Even then, if you are sitting in one with another person, you would want to feel pretty comfortable with them, as there’s no way you’re going to have any personal space.

If you wish you could lay around on a hammock that could hold more than 2 people comfortably, then you’re going to need something the size of the Mega Hammock. This is a handmade hammock made out of coated ripstop nylon and bonded nylon thread. You can choose orange, black, blue, or yellow for the nylon, but the webbing (only visible on the corners) is black. This is designed and made by a FAA certified parachute rigger, meaning these are meant to last.

These are safe to use for up to three people, and can support 1000 pounds. It’s 8×15′, and takes 4-6 weeks should you decide to place this $374 order. This would make a pretty epic blanket fort or place to watch movies if you have the right setup. The only problem you might face is needing to sturdy structures that are placed appropriately so you can get this to hang correctly.

Available for purchase on Etsy, found via thisiswhyimbroke

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