Live Video Camera Drone lets you capture all the action on the spot


live-videocam-droneDrones might be banned from parks and forest reserves over in the US and for good reason, too – they might scare away wildlife and cause stress to the animals living in such an environment. However, not everyone who owns a drone has malicious intent to stress out animals, and if you are in the market for a drone that offers more than just pure entertainment alone, perhaps it would be prudent to check out the $1,300 Live Video Camera Drone.

The Live Video Camera Drone happens to be a flying camera drone which is capable of sending live video feeds directly to a compatible smartphone, although do take note that it does have a limited range of one third of a mile – which is a given, actually. You will be able to control the Live Video Camera Drone using a 5.8GHz radio remote control, where live video can be seen on an iPhone or Android smartphone that is hooked up to the remote’s dock. It is said to be easier to fly compared to a normal RC craft which will require your fingers to maintain constant stick control from the remote to deliver a stable flight, as the autonomous flight system ensures that the quartet of the drone’s 9″ high-efficiency propellers will work simultaneously, letting it hover in-place or remain on-course as you focus on taking pictures and video.

The 14MP camera has a 110° field of vision and up to 35° of tilt flexibility, with the ability to record Full HD video to boot, storing all that it has surveyed on a microSD memory card. A full charge of its battery delivers up to 25 minutes of flying time.

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