The Pod Power is an extension cable with extra outlets


Quirky Pod Power

If you’re always in need of more outlets, then you likely have several extension cables and power strips lying around. There are always different types of each for different scenarios, and you never know what you’re going to need until you need it. Possibly the most infuriating is having a power strip that is just too short, and using a long extension cable for that extra inch you need, or having a long extension cable, and not having enough in the way of outlets.

If you wish there was a nice in-between, then the Pod Power from Quirky may be the answer you’ve been searching for. This is a nine foot long extension cord that has an outlet every three feet. This is perfect for studying in a group, for use on a work bench, or along a wall where outlets should be but aren’t. Should you need to mount them, they do have adhesive pads which can be applied to anchor it to a flat surface or on a wall. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to stick it down on a table as there are grippy feet on the bottom.

Needless to say, this $19.99 option is one of the hundreds of thousands of combinations you can get for extension cables and power strips out there. While this is a neat idea, it would only be worth it if it fit your needs exactly, and even then it’s a tad pricey. For those in a college dorm or other small living space, this would be perfect (mainly because the woman who came up with this product only did so because she needed a way to spread outlets all over her home while at University).

Available for purchase on Quirky

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