Therma Spring Solar Mats provides pool heating for free!


therma-springWhen you wake up in the morning and walk to the patio outside of your bedroom that is located on the third floor of your palatial bungalow, you take a whiff of the fresh air around you, swinging your arms as part of your warm up routine. Life is good, as your eyes survey the surroundings, listening to the birds chirp while you start to think of the day ahead. Why not go for a morning swim in your own swimming pool to loosen up those muscles? At least there is no need to drive to the clubhouse to share a pool with others. However, water in the pool gets extremely cold in select months, which is why having a pool heater is important, but since you did not get this rich by being frivolous with your money, the $38.95 Therma Spring Solar Mats would make plenty of sense.

Working in a passive manner, the Therma Spring Solar Mats will do a great job of heating your pool without the need for a pump, now how about that? The floating circular mats will draw heat into your pool or hot tub, and even better, help trap it there. At night, they will function as an insulating blanket in order to retain heat gained during the day. Spring frames provide them with easy transportation and storage options, and you can be sure that the Therma Spring Solar Mats will also work great when it comes to odd-shaped pools. Works best when 70% to 80% of the pool is covered.

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