Big Light Up Red Rocket adds pizzazz to your room


red-rocketThere is a little child in every one of us, no matter how “grown up” we look like, or how little hair left (for us men) that we have on our heads. If you want to dote on your kids or your grandchildren, why not get close to them with the $29.99 Big Light Up Red Rocket? This is going to be an extremely different take from the standard issue night light or lamp, as it will boast of pulsing rocket lights as well as soothing rocket sound, with it functioning as a white noise generator for your children.

You will be able to mount up the Big Light Up Red Rocket easily on just about any wall. All that you need to do is to load it up with batteries (not forgetting the remote, of course) and you can then blast off. Press the button in order to cycle through the three different modes (lights with sounds, lights only, or sounds only), and upon finding the one that you are happy with, your little one will enter dreamland soon enough, thanks to the pulsing glow of rocket lights and/or the soothing white-noise-esque rocket sounds. Within the next 20 minutes, it will then shut itself automatically in an effort to conserve battery power, now how about that for going green?

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