Don’t get your Nose all Bent Out of Shape!



There really is no limit to what people will do in the name of beauty. I’m all for looking good, but I’ve found that most people seem to exaggerate their flaws in their own minds. Sometimes just a little “tweak” is all thats needed to make a difference, but people end up having surgeries and other invasive procedures to fix something that nobody else noticed in the first place!

Check out the Nose Up Bridge Straightening Beauty Clip. Made to prey on our drive to be perfect (or at least better than we are) the nose clip is an imported, and specially designed appliance to help straighten the bridge of your nose. So for those of us who yearn for the perfect schnoz, but are too afraid to go under the knife. Maybe the Nose Up Beauty Clip is for you.

Simply clamp your imperfect nose in the appropriate, and included, silicon pads, and wear the device for around 10 to 15 minutes every day, and the manufacturer suggests you will not have to deal with your “warped” nose anymore. Okay… but despite a limited number of pretty favorable reviews, I’m not sure I’m buying it! But if you have a snout you’re not quite happy with, go ahead and spend the 6 bucks at before you commit to anything more drastic. (and know, that we probably like you just the way you are!)

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