Portable Sound Spa might help you enter dreamland sooner than you think


portable-sound-spaSome of us might take sleeping and rest for granted – after all, it is all too easy to just rest our head on the pillow, close our eyes, and enter dreamland in a jiffy. Not everyone is as blessed as you if that is the case, as some folks out there do require a fair amount of medication before one is able to knock off, and in select patients, even the strongest medication and best psychiatrists are unable to help one get some much needed rest at night. Perhaps you are at your wit’s end and have tried just about everything – is there another option out there? The $29.99 Portable Sound Spa might be worth a shot, as this tiny device that could helps one to create a comforting environment.

It does not matter whether it will play back tunes for you or your child, as the Portable Sound Spa will be able to play back half a dozen natural sounds that will help one rest, relax and fall asleep. The sounds include ocean, summer night, rain, rain forest, white noise and brook, where you can opt to have it play those soothing tunes in the background continuously, or to make use of the integrated timer to get the job done and turn itself off automatically after 15, 30 or 45 minutes. You can opt to hook it up to an AC power outlet or have a quartet of AA batteries run the show.

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