1928 Model E3 Bluetooth Speaker is a blast from the past


1928 MOdel E3 Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes you come across a blender or a washing machine that was made 40 years ago, and works better than the brand new version you got just yesterday. Back then, if you were going to be spending money on anything, it had best last until you die, because you couldn’t toss money out the window on a whim. Nowadays we have a lot of “necessities”, and put our money in a variety of directions. More often than not, we pay a lot of money for something that may be broken when we first open it, and we wouldn’t be terribly shocked.

The phrase “they don’t make ’em like they used to” sadly resonates with most things you can buy today. However, there are a few companies out there that try to blend a little old-timey fashion with new-fangled technology. The 1928 Model E3 Bluetooth Speaker is a free-standing speaker that is inspired from the dawn of the radio’s golden age.

The base is made of cast iron with a stamped steel grille, and a linen cover. There’s a brass knob that will control the volume, and it has an included AC adapter. This will work with all Bluetooth-enabled Android and iOS devices. Should you receive a call, the music will pause, and resume when you hang up. There’s a full size version which will cost $279, and a mini version priced at $119.

Available for purchase on restorationhardware

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