Handheld Body Fat Analyzer provides portable readings


handheld-body-fat-analyzerAnything that can be measured, can be improved – or so that is the mantra that has been going around lately. After all, it makes perfect sense – if you have been working out hard throughout the entire year in order to keep up your end of the bargain when it comes to staying fit, then surely having measurable metrics such as the amount of body fat that you carry around your waist is worth keeping track of, in addition to your blood pressure and the ilk. With the $49.95 Handheld Body Fat Analyzer, you will own one of the most accurate and easiest to use body fat analyzers around in the market.

Each of this model’s readings have been compared to hydrostatic body fat measurements that were taken by the University of Illinois Chicago’s Human Performance Lab, and it turned out to be 97.26% accurate which is a whole lot superior to lesser scales that actually had a deviation of approximately 10%. The Best Handheld Body Fat Analyzer is capable of stashing up to eight different user profiles, which incidentally happens to be more than any other model, so that it is easy for multiple users to set fitness goals as well as keep track of one’s progress. In addition, it is also the only unit that offers body mass index readings alongside an explaination on whether one’s BMI measurements happen to fall within the normal, average, or high range. Large buttons, an intuitive menu, and ergonomic handles make it a snap to hold, as the bioelectrical impedance analysis sends harmless electrical pulses via the body in order to determine one’s body fat percentage. The Handheld Body Fat Analyzer is powered by a pair of AAA batteries for true universal use.

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