The Window Pillow makes sleeping while traveling more comfortable


Window Pillow

When we were young, we could sleep just about anywhere. We could be eating and take a nap in our food if we felt the desire. Nowadays, we sleep either at home during the night, or while napping on a train, plane, or in a cab. Sadly, a lot of what keeps us going is naps while we’re traveling. Our joints aren’t quite up for sleeping in awkward positions or on hard surfaces so much anymore.

Pillows that come in a U-shape for your neck work decently, but when you’re next to a window, it’s easier to rest your head up against the wall. Try as you might to squish the pillow against your face, it’s probably going to move just after you’ve dozed off. If you are a window lover, and want to have a more comfortable way to snooze, then the Window Pillow might be a solid option. This is a pillow that will cradle your head, and suction cup to the window.

If you do get stuck in an aisle or middle seat, then it can unzip to become a U-shape if need be. This comes in black with a pink or gray zipper, or pink with a pink or gray zipper. The suction cups can be removed, and you can toss the pillows in the washing machine. Even if you forget to take the cups off, they can still survive a tumble in the dryer. You can purchase one of these for $29.99.

Available for purchase on windowpillow, found on ohgizmo

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