The SnapLite takes perfect pictures for home projects



If you are artistically inclined, then you likely want many different ways to be able to show off your creativity. Regardless of your medium of choice, you’ll want to have some skill with a camera, otherwise the full magnitude of your work isn’t going to shine through. Should you work on a relatively small scale and don’t have a decent camera, you likely use your phone, which often gives out dodgy photos.

If you want all of the finer details to be shown without having to go to great lengths for a good photo, then the SnapLite might be just what you’re looking for. This looks like a modern lamp, but is a Bluetooth enabled scanner that is meant to work with your smartphone. It has a corresponding app that will stitch together images, adjust brightness, and more. There are laser guides to let you know what will be in the shot, so you can decide how much you want to be seen.

Once you have everything lined up accordingly, hit the button on the base and it will automatically save the photo it takes to your phone. You can adjust the warmth of the light, and there’s a USB port on the back that will allow you to charge your phone while using this. This will cost you somewhere around $126, and won’t be available until a day or two from now. It’s looking as though this is aimed at iPhone users, so do keep that in mind.

Available for purchase on found on redferret

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