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How many times have we been there? Almost ready to walk out the door (late for whatever it was we had to do) and, after a 5 minute search for your cell phone, you find that it’s dead as a doornail. Undaunted, you throw it on the charger, for the few minutes it takes you to find your shoes, but alas, you don’t even have enough of a charge to call whoever it was that’s now standing around, wondering what the heck happened to you.

Well, worry no more, and check out the Legion Meter, an interesting gadget that packs a lot of convenience into a very small package. The nifty Legion Meter is a device that can easily, and safely, accelerate your smartphone, or your tablet’s charging speed up to a whopping 92%. Say it with me… 92%.  Legion Meter installs in seconds and is fully plug and play. Imagine, a world where your cell phone charges almost as fast as you need it to.

Legion Meter also provides you with some interesting tools that can be useful for analyzing the storage capacity of your batteries, a special multimeter with an integrated OLED display that measures the amount of energy or (Watt Hours) that gets charged into your battery, it can show the power (in Watts) being delivered to your phone via USB, it shows the Amps being delivered, and the voltage of your USB port. Interesting info I’m sure, but did I mention it charges your phone 92% faster?

So, if you have ever found yourself rushing around with a dead phone in your hand, and a few hours on the charger wasn’t an option, the Legion Meter is for you. It is already a fully funded project over at kickstarter.com, and there are still a few spots left that will allow you to grab one for under 50 bucks. I’m in! *Units expected to ship this fall.

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CM Says: May 24, 2014 at 9:04 am

Or you could just buy The Practical Meter, a successful Kickstarter project, for just $20.

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