The Foldio is a pop-up light studio for small items on the go


Foldio portable light studio

If you have ever taken still life photos, you know how important lighting and placement can be. Should your life require you to often take photos of products, food, or everyday found objects, then you’re going to have a hard time finding a good way to snap photos that have enough light, and don’t have too busy of a background. It’s funny how something as easy as taking a picture can become a big setup, but the difference is certainly noticeable.

It normally takes some prior planning to get a really great photo, but if you work best with a studio setup, then you’re going to have some trouble transitioning to shooting away from home. Unless of course, you have a portable version like the Foldio. This isn’t meant for large-scale items, but you can take pictures of jewelry, food, or your favorite dust bunny with ample lighting and a blank backdrop.

This setup has built-in LED strips that will provide you with enough light to make a great photo. There is a black, grey, and white backdrop included. Whenever you’re not using this, it can fold down to the size of a thin hardback book. It stays upright thanks to a few well-placed magnets, and runs off of a 9 volt battery. When opened, it makes a 10.2” cube, which should be perfect for those of your that run a blog, or sell items on eBay or Etsy. Should this setup seem like a good idea to you, it will cost you around $49. It’s not a particularly difficult thing to build at home, but will only be cheaper if you know what you’re doing and don’t have to keep buying new pieces.

Available for purchase on Photojojo

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