3 Wheel Folding Electric Scooter helps you get around in style


3-wheel-folding-scooterAll right, let’s face it – the world is not about to stop making efforts in going green so that the next generation still have a planet that is worth living on. Having said that, we have seen our fair share of personal mobility devices from time to time, and the scooter has proven to be one of the more popular items to roll out in recent years. The thing is, scooters still need you to make use of your leg to propel you forward, so why not throw in an electric engine to help you out during those uphill slopes?

This is where the $1,799.99 3 Wheel Folding Electric Scooter comes in handy, where it will not only be a whole lot easier to ride compared to a regular bicycle, it is also ideal for just about anyone thanks to its ease of use. Being electric powered means it ranks high on the eco-friendly list, producing zero gas emissions as you get around town. There is a retractable seat which allows you to ride seated or standing up if you so desire. Once you have arrived at the bus of your choice, just fold it down to 50% of its size, and you’re good to go. Other features for your safety and well being include an all-wheel braking system, LED headlights, ignition key and storage tray. It takes around 4 hours for a full charge which ought to be able to last you up to 15 miles at a maximum speed of 12mph.

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