Sony launches Team Action Cam


sony-action-camWhen it comes to digital cameras, I am quite sure that many people would think of names such as Nikon and Canon first, before they go down the pecking order for more conventional shooters (system cameras included), such as those from Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung and of course, Sony. Sony has recently reaffirmed their commitment to the action sports market by rolling out the “Team Action Cam”, which so happens to be a range of action sports cameras that athletes can make use of in different adrenaline pumping activities such as snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, motocross and rallycross.

In order to promote Sony’s versatile Action Cam line, the Japanese company has managed to get hold of a team of people that is headlined by motocross legend Ricky Carmichael, snowboarding legend Terje Haakonsen and US Ski Olympian Gus Kenworthy. This particular bunch of ambassadors would join up with a range of current Sony athletes including the highly influential big mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones.

Sony’s latest flagship Action Cam comes in the form of the recently released AS100V model, where it will include key features such as best in class image stabilization and low-light shooting capabilities that deliver smooth HD video output on the trail or the slopes, regardless of the time of the day, being able to adjust image stabilization and exposure automatically based on shooting environment, a unique Live View Remote accessory which utilizes Wi-Fi to provide live image preview on LCD, a single remote that is capable of controlling up to 5 cameras simultaneously, a water-resistant camera body that can survive water, mud and dirt without a special housing, and GPS capability on camera and GPS overlay in post shooting among others. The asking price? $300 a pop, or $400 for a kit with Live View Remote. This means sharing your adrenaline pumping adventures with others is no longer limited to just words, but let your video recording do all the talking next time!

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