Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum might ease your queasiness


distance-bug-vacuumNot everyone on this side of life love nature – some of us would prefer to remain holed up in a mall somewhere each weekend, instead of taking the trouble to actually head out to the great outdoors and see just what nature has to offer, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Of course, bugs are par for the course when you are outdoors, but when you are at home and there is a pesky cicada or cockroach flying around (granted, the latter is a far larger on the scale of being a pest – it is a menace actually), you have always want to swat it, but lack the necessary finesse to do so without squirting all of the bug juice over the place.

Enter the $29.95 Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum that lives up to its reputation, where this handheld vacuum will sport a telescoping nozzle which will make use of a patented mechanical suction system in order to capture bugs without requiring you to get close to them in the first place. It does not need any kind of electric power to work, where there is a pleated plastic bellows at the vacuum’s bottom which is compressed by hand, before it locks in-place automatically thanks to a spring-loaded mechanism.

This means you need not run out of batteries, since there are no batteries in the first place! A press of the button trigger would expand the bellows instantly to generate 10X the suction of battery-powered vacuums, making it suitable to capture the likes of flies, bees, spiders, and other insects through a one-way trap door in the nozzle. These six legged and eight legged captives of yours will then be sent into a removable isolation chamber, so that you can dump the bugs outdoors afterwards once you are done.

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