Braven introduces Braven 710 in gold


braven-710-goldThe iPhone 5s that comes in various colors seem to do a whole lot better when it is slathered in a shade of gold compared to the other colors for some strange reason. Perhaps it is because of man’s preoccupation with the luxurious and precious metal over the years that has this natural pull, even if it is not real gold. Regardless, it is a smart psychological tactic to pull this one off, and hence, it is not surprising to see or read about how other companies decide to slather their releases in a shade of gold, too, with hopes of selling more of that device along the way. Braven’s 710 Bluetooth speakers are now available in a limited edition of gold.

Touted to be the ultimate companion for style conscious music lovers, the Braven 710 Gold has been crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum for clean and sleek lines that elicit the elegance of a modern work of art. Of course, since we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, it makes sense to check it out from a different angle – its performance, audio-wise. The Braven 710 will pack powerful HD audio drivers which will be able to perfectly blends lows, mid and highs for a blissful portable HD audio experience.

The Braven 710 Gold would also complement its elegant look with state-of-the-art technology, where we will be able to enjoy the likes of TrueWireless Technology, NFC connectivity, IPX5 water resistance rating and over 12 hours of continuous playtime. TrueWireless Technology paves the way for wireless pairing with a second Braven 710 so that it can create room-filling right and left stereo sound, while NFC enables it to hook up with other NFC enabled devices by simply pairing them.

It even comes with a built-in noise-cancelling speakerphone for calls, and can juice up USB devices thanks to an integrated power bank. The limited edition Braven 710 Gold would have an asking price of $169.99 if you’re interested.

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