The Upsee – Helping Kids with Disabilities get in on the Action



There are numerous projects devoted to assisting wheelchair bound people to function better, to be able to do more, see more, and just generally participate in the special moments, or events, that are important to them. As an adult, I imagine the life of a child with a physical disability, and I would want to do everything I could to make sure they could be part of the action. One mother, who has a son with a disability, invented a device to help her child walk, and is now sharing her invention with the world.

Check out the Upsee, a specialized harness system that allows wheelchair bound kids the opportunity to stand upright, and walk. Debby Elnatan, a music therapist, invented the Upsee to help her son, who has cerebral palsy. The Upsee consists of a harness that attaches to an adult, and a special side-by-side shoe system, worn by both the parent and child, allowing them to take steps together.

It certainly appears that the Upsee does improve family participation and the quality of life for special needs kids, and research suggests it even has the potential to help with physical and emotional development as well. Parents that have used the Upsee with their kids couldn’t believe the delight and smiles of their kids while they walked through the park, or got to talk to their friends face -to-face for the first time.

The Upsee Kit comes in 4 sizes, and in four different colors. The kit consists of three parts: an adult hip-belt, a child harness and shared sandals. It is available now, at for under 500 bucks. It is available worldwide, and the shipping is free.

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