Rapoo reveals new Wireless Touchpad Keyboards


rapoo-wireless-kbsIt goes without saying that tablets these days are far more than just media consumption devices, as they have also proven themselves to be pretty capable productive devices, too. Well, there is one major drawback when it comes to tablets as opposed to a computer or a notebook, and that would be the virtual keyboard that is infinitely more difficult to use compared to a regular physical keyboard, especially when you have a particularly long document to write and/or edit. This calls for a keyboard accessory, so why not consider what Rapoo has to offer with its new ultra-slim, 5.6mm, E9080 and E9180 Wireless Touchpad Keyboards?

The E9080 and E9180 Wireless Touchpad Keyboards would see the amalgamation of a couple of peripherals in a single easy solution. On the outside, your eyes would be greeted by a sleek, aluminum exterior as well as scissor key structure, where the keyboards do feature integrated touchpads that offer a cable-free, stylish and comfortable typing experience.

For those who would love to have a touchpad on their keyboard without doing away with the number pad (accountants and book keepers would definitely be able to resonate with this line of thought), then the E9080 Wireless Touchpad Keyboard hopes to be the perfect solution, as it has an integrated touchpad that helps you navigate around sans a mouse, but also doubles up as a fully functional number pad with but a single swipe of a finger.

As for Rapoo’s E9180P Wireless Touchpad Keyboard, this model offers precise and easy navigation alongside configurable gesture functions for maximum control. The versatile E9180P will play nice with desktop PCs, laptops or gaming consoles, where it will depend on the reliable 5 GHz wireless connection so as to avoid interference from other wireless devices.

Either way, you will be able to make use of the Fn multimedia keys that enables users to control shortcut operations for audio playback, volume adjustment, and browsing the internet among others. The asking price for the Rapoo E9080 and E9180P Wireless Touchpad Keyboards has been set at $59.99 a pop for either model.

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Chris Hedlund Says: April 23, 2014 at 12:30 pm

Wireless monitors too! Cool!

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