The Motorized Ice Cream Cone – for the Truly Lazy Days of Summer



You can already feel it in the air, out in this part of the world the trees are budding, the birds are nesting, and Summer will soon be on its way. Coats and mittens are long since put away. We all look forward to staying up late, going to the beach, and lots, and lots, of ice cream…

Well, as if to answer your dreams of a long and truly lazy summer, the folks over at Hog Wild would like to introduce to you, the Motorized Ice Cream Cone! For those days that you might find it simply too exhausting to actually just lick your own cone. This new gadget can free you from the nagging fear of a tragic repetitive stress injury to your tongue by requiring you only to extend it from your lips, whist the cone magically spins your frozen confection in front of you.

This um, unique? gizmo not only lessens your physical exertion during your dairy indulgence, but it can also prevent embarrassing drips and spills. You need only to load the removable dish with your favorite frozen dessert, and set it spinning with the touch of a button. Battery operated, and dishwasher-safe, the Motorized Ice Cream Cone may be just what your looking for… you know, if you’re looking to do absolutely nothing.

I remember when I was a child, I had to walk to the ice cream shop, (5 miles round trip) and lick my ice cream all by myself. My how times have changed. If you would like to bring America’s favorite Summer past time into the 21st century, or if you’re simply one of the most unmotivated folks on the planet (or you know someone who is) you may want a Motorized Ice Cream Cone. Get one at for right around 20 bucks, if you can manage to muster the energy to reach into your wallet and grab your credit card.

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