Survival Card 2 – The Safety Kit that Fits in your Wallet



I’m a fan of that Survival Show, you know the one, where they drop groups of people on an island with nothing but the clothes on their back, and some rice. My husband likes to think he would do well on a show like that. On the other hand, I’d just want to hide on the other side of the island and hope everyone forgot about me. Oh, and I’d try to get away with having this next cool gadget hidden in my sneaker…

Check out the Survival Card 2, a small gizmo that can stack the cards in your favor when it comes to surviving almost any unexpected accident, weather event, disaster, or game show. The Survival Card is actually a 2 inch serrated knife, made of stainless steel, a magnesium alloy fire starter, a red LED safety light, and a survival whistle, all encased in a perfectly portable, 2 oz, credit card sized package.

The Survival Card also contains a built in pass thru for a lanyard, a small toothpick, and a tweezer. So whether you wear it around your neck, on your backpack, or just pop it in your purse, pocket or wallet, you’ll have almost everything you might need to keep you “in the game” If you’d like to get your hands on one, and have around 20 bucks to spare,  head on over to… and by the way, how would they know if a contestant had something like this hidden in their shoe, do they search them???

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